The University Look is Back in Fashion

Watch fashion shows and you’ll see that the trend for more comfortable clothing is on the rise. Look at celebrities on their ordinary days without make-up. You’ll see that they’re mostly in hoodies and sweatpants. It’s the ultimate university look. Think back to those carefree times when you were in university. Back then, all you ever cared about was to have fun! Now, you can relive those days with the university look. Wear the most comfortable of clothes and never worry about going out of style. The university look is here to stay. People nowadays are more interested in how comfortable they are in their clothes. Gone are the days when women would gladly wear corsets even when they couldn’t breathe in it. The ultimate fashion trend today is style and comfort combined.When shopping for the university look, go for time-tested fabrics and cuts. The hoodie is a good way to start your university look. Though it had some bad rep in the past years, the changing weather patterns have made the hoodie a wardrobe staple. After all, who wouldn’t want to have a handy hood when the April showers come? Another worthy piece of university clothing for men is the sweatpants. The modern sweatpants now come in a cut that’s not too loose, but not tight-fitting, either. The safest colours for sweatpants are navy or grey. You can never go wrong in these colours. You also don’t want to look like a clown just escaped from a circus in sweatpants in neon colours.You might also want to grab yourself a few tee shirts in the most basic colours. This will be a great addition to your university look wardrobe. Tee shirts do not go out of style. They are here to stay because they combine fashion and comfort in just one piece of fabric. Besides, it’s easy to update the tee shirt by accessorizing. Sweatshirts or jumpers are also great for those days when it is warm enough to do away with the hoodie but it’s still too cold to only wear a tee shirt. Sweatshirts work great on any other sporty outfit. You can always wear a tee shirt inside when the sun shines too brightly and you begin to sweat.The best thing to achieve the university look is to go out and look at what university students wear. They most often come in several styles. However, the hoodie, the sweatpants, the sweatshirt, and the tee shirt are all worthy pieces to shop for if you’d like to go for the university look. If you’re worried on whether the university look will make you look a little sloppy, just look at the number of celebrities caught in hoodies and sweatpants. Trust me, if these people who spend their time in the lime light can get away with these pieces of clothing, then you can, too. It’s easy to rock the university look, especially when you pair it with the carefree attitude that you used to have when you were younger.

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